Pneumatic Conveying

At DesignPlast, we design our own material handling systems; mechanical or pneumatic - dilute or dense phase. We supply components and guarantee performance for these projects based on this design. Our systems are known for their durability and maintenance friendly system design.

We custom design each material handling system based upon the specific characteristics of the materials being moved as well as the distances and path that must be followed when moving from storage to process. Our conservative computer design approach ensures that capacity and material flow requirements will be met. This design approach has been tested and proven through the successful installation of hundreds of material handling systems.

Custom design also allows us to utilize what space may be available in a given installation area. Our customer doesnít have to settle for standard components to their particular application. Even though we custom design each system, we work within the customerís equipment preferences in order to reduce service/spare parts. Common equipment provides a comfort level for the plant maintenance

We provide installation services including start-up, maintenance and operator training and periodic system checks to insure that our systems continue to meet our stated performance.