Dust Collection As with all of our pneumatic convey systems, each dust collection system is designed likewise. Some vendors will develop a standard system that will provide dust collection, but they may often size components at the "ragged edge" in regards to operating speed, horsepower service duty, or filters with very high "Air to Cloth" ratios with no regard to can velocity and line sizes. Within limits, we strive to provide a conservatively designed system that will provide dust collection for today with some "room" for future expansion. With ever-changing parameters with governmental regulations, we consider all aspects of the system during the estimating and design stage to meet those regulations.

Specialized Material Handling - Many materials or process require special handling conditions such as conveying with air temperatures in excess of 1800 F, air with -40 F due points, friable or abrasive materials or system with zero cross contamination. Few companies have the experience to consider the various anomalies that may be present with this material and other material handling and storage requirements. DesignPlast has the experience; we will custom design each system with the appropriate equipment to handle the specific material requirement.

Rubber Our diverse background has provided us the opportunity to service the tire and rubber industry with our equipment and installations. We can supply your equipment needs for mechanical and/or pneumatic conveying of carbon black and silica along with scaling means prior to its introduction into the respective mixing means.

Recycling Recycling is coming to the forefront as our society continues to produce and consume a variety of raw materials. Our customers are researching the opportunities to reduce the landfill footprint of these materials by cleaning and recycling various materials and reintroducing them into new ventures. We can assist in the mechanical handling equipment required in your process.

Risk Evaluation With the renewed attention OSHA has given to handling of explosive materials and potentially explosive dusts DesignPlast is able to offer a Risk Evaluation service where an engineer will survey your plant to identify potential hazardous operations that could result in personnel injury and or property damage. We can make arrangements to have any dust tested to establish the explosion risk, the minimum ignition energy, and the pressure rise should an explosion occur. With this information, we can design the material handling equipment structurally with the required venting and/or suppression system to meet insurance requirements.