The grain handling industry, like all sections of our economy, is becoming more dependent on efficiency and the latest advancements in technology of grain handling machinery. This efficiency can only be achieved by combining expert, professional engineering with experienced and skilled field personnel.

Our highly qualified design and engineering services can offer the best turnkey solutions for these common problems:

  • Storage Capacity
  • Bulk Load-out for Rail and Truck
  • Dust Control and Aeration
  • Conveying Systems
  • Facility Repair and Restoration
  • Feedmill Design or Repair
  • Structural Survey & Analysis and Repairs by our Licensed Professional Engineer

Why DesignPlast? We provide single source responsibility for your grain handling projects with our commitment to engineering, detailed construction management personnel, and experienced field crews. We offer versatility to handle any size project and dedication to provide quality workmanship and safety requirements.

In short, our aim is to be your most economical means to a more profitable facility by dedication to quality and a successful on-time completion to your construction needs.